About Red Rock Web Development


Red Rock Web Development was established in 2009 in Troy, NY just 10 miles northeast of Albany NY (also known as the Capital Region or Capital District) by David J. Robilotto. Mr. Robilotto has 14 years of software development experience and and over 10 years of website development experience. As technologies have changed over the years so has Mr. Robilotto's techniques and ability to produce quality websites rapidly.

Red Rock Web Development was literally born out of the basement of his house which resides on Red Rock Rd in Troy NY, hence the name. First it started off in 2007 when Mr. Robilotto needed a website to manage his professional football pool league. And he couldn't find anything that was suitable out there to use. So, Mr. Robilotto developed a web app to do all the work for him that is run by a database.

Red Rock Web Development goes by the motto "less is more". A website shouldn't be cluttered with tons of information but, should be organized in a manner that is a pleasant experience for your visitors. Your visitors want to get the information they need from your website easily and quickly.

Red Rock Web Development's specialty is working with clientele that cannot afford pricey IT staff such as small businesses, non-profits and sports organizations. But require the professionalism and quality that a pricey IT staff would provide. And once your website is built we won't disappear and will keep working with you on any of your needs and providing services that will benefit or provide information about your website.

Why do you need a web presence


We believe in keeping It Simple - which is actually complex! Many websites deliver so much information that their message becomes garbled. We work with you to streamline the information and deliver a simple, clear message to your next potential customer.

It is important to have a web presence... your site does not have to be immense but it must be present. You will find our prices for our services to be quite competitive and affordable even for small businesses.

We will work with you to help drive visitors to your site that are looking for the goods or services that you or your business provide.

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Whether you are just starting out on the web or need a site make-over, contact us today for your custom website.