Services Provided


Red Rock Web Development not only provides website design and development but, also we can provide hosting, domain names, set up your email and any forwarding of emails to another account, monthly site traffic statistics (analytics), making your site search engine friendly, backlinks and submitting your website to the various search engines (SEO).

Hosting, Domain & Email


These three services go hand in hand. Domain name is the address where visitors or potential customers go visit your site. Hosting is where all your files to your site reside. And you can have your own custom Email address such as: or If you have another email that is well known by your current customers, we can have the emails sent to your website email forwarded to the other account. And if you currently have a Yahoo email account we can set it up so you may view your website email via yahoo mail. Your email can also be access by smart phone. ex:(iPhone, Android, HTC, etc.)

Cost - $125 per year

Website Design and Development


Website Design and Development is the graphical layout and programming that make the website. Design is the actual layout and and organization of the website including the graphics. The development is any programming that makes the website do what you perform an action requested by your visitor/customer. Such as links to other pages, photo galleries, calculators, calendars, submission of email, printing of coupons, shopping carts, connecting to a database and etc.

Standard Website - $125 per page

E-Commerce Website - $225 per page for first four pages $125 per page after that   (More Advanced Programming Involved)

Membership Website - $225 per page for first four pages $125 per page after that   (More Advanced Programming and Set-up Involved)

Contact us for an affordable quote designed specifically for your needs.

Search Engine Optimization & Analytics


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of making your site visible to visitors or potential customers through search engines. There are a number of ways to do this, some techniques are built into the code and content of the website or need to be done by backlinking, and actual submission to the search engines. Backlinking is the process of listing your website address on popular or directory websites so that it makes it easier for potential visitor or customers to find your website.

By analyzing your what your business provides and geographical location we can get excellent rankings on Google, Yahoo and Bing. We cannot guarantee a specific ranking and all phrases that are searched on, your site would appear as the very first result. But we will guarantee that most phrases that relate to your business, you will show up on the first or second page of the search engine results. This is NOT a one and done job it is a constant analyzing what combinations creates the best results and since, other IT personnel are trying to accomplish the same thing. Other sites in your business category may jump you and if multiple sites do this it could hurt your rankings. So, every 2-3 months we reevaluate phrases that relate to your business and make sure your visibility remains high.

Analytics is the process of dissecting the information gathered about, where and how your visitors came to your website. There will be report(s) emailed to you monthly detailing information and we use those reports to make some SEO modifications.

Cost - $500 per year